Great Expectations Foundation

Every child’s story should be one of triumph .

About Us

Our Beliefs

Great Expectations Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that was founded in 2011 by Larry and Sharon Carrico. Their mission is to provide funding for organizations within Rent One and RNR Midwest communities that focus on children’s education, fitness and wellness, along with their emotional and spiritual development.

How Can We Help You?

Any Size Organization

Great Expectations Foundation has donated to over 100 charities of variable sizes over the years. No organization is too big, or too small to be considered!

Any Size Donation

Great Expectations Foundation has given donations up to $25,000 and as little as $250. Each charity has different needs we are flexible to be able to match the charities needs.

Any Children’s Cause

Great Expectations Foundation believes all aspects of children lives are important in helping to provide a foundation for growth. We consider all charities that are children related regardless of their focus.


Recent Causes

  • Direct 1
    Direct 1 is located in Kansas City, MO Direct 1 mission is to “create a rewarding environment that challenges every kid to be the best version of themselves. while building character, self esteem and confidence”. Direct 1 located in Kansas City, MO provides numerous programs for free or a low cost from mentorships, to extracurricularContinue reading “Direct 1”
  • The Henry Wrinkles Foundation
    The Henry Wrinkles Foundation is located in Paragould, AR The mission of the The Henry Wrinkles foundation states, “Through the mergence of nature and nurture we help all living creatures find their meaning, and help them develop the skills necessary to achieve this goal.” The farm currently houses 16 certified horses and 13 certified dogsContinue reading “The Henry Wrinkles Foundation”
  • Mount Vernon Township High School
    Eli Badger Helping Hands Scholarship Mount Vernon Township High School is located in Mt.Vernon, IL Per Eli’s Family: “Elijah Ray Badger, 19, passed away June 11, 2020. He was a standout athlete in football and track and a Junior Olympian pole vaulter. Some of his achievements include: SIJHSAA State Pole Vault Champion, two time SouthContinue reading “Mount Vernon Township High School”


What Organizations Say

We are so grateful to Rent One and their Great Expectations Program.  The process of applying for these funds was very easy to navigate online, and their response to my request was almost immediate.  This was so unexpected and appreciated!

Betti Mucha – Perry-Jackson Child Advocacy Center

Applying for a great to the Great Expectations Foundation was a rewarding process. It was great to be able to tell our story and have someone recognize and support our organization’s efforts in our community. The application is well thought-out and easy to follow, and allowed us to explain what project the Foundation will be contributing to as our grant partner.

Abbey Heuiser – Boys and Girls Club of Poplar Bluff

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