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Pathfinder, INC Jacksonville, Arkansas

Pathfinder, INC is located in Jacksonville, Arkansas Pathfinder, INC Mission: “A basic concept of Pathfinder is that all people, regardless of individual differences and intellectual abilities, have an inalienable right to programs and services which are consistent with their needs and helps them to achieve their maximum potential. Pathfinder, seeks to provide the best possibleContinue reading “Pathfinder, INC Jacksonville, Arkansas”

Illinois Baptist State Association Mt.Vernon, Illinois

Illinois Baptist State Association has multiple locations, we donated to the local Mt.Vernon, IL Chapter. The Illinois Baptist State Association in Mt. Vernon, IL has served over $2,000,000 in products from food to personal care items, and home needs to the entire Southern Illinois region. In addition they have a newly formed relationship with aContinue reading “Illinois Baptist State Association Mt.Vernon, Illinois”

Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School East St.Louis, Illinois

Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School is located in East St.Louis, IL Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School Mission: “Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School, a ministry of the Diocese of Belleville, is committed to deepening faith in Jesus Christ, and to providing a holistic learning approach to faith development and education within a Catholic framework. Our missionContinue reading “Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School East St.Louis, Illinois”

D.A.R.E. Lincoln, Illinois

D.A.R.E is part of the Lincoln Police Department and is located in Lincoln, IL D.A.R.E is one of the oldest programs in the United States that helps educate children on how to make safe choices. D.A.R.E mission mission states: “D.A.R.E. envisions a world in which students everywhere are empowered to respect others and choose toContinue reading “D.A.R.E. Lincoln, Illinois”

OkCity Crisis Nursery

OkCity Crisis Nursery is located in Oklahoma City, OK In late January our local manager was contacted by OkCity Crisis Nursery who was in need of some extra assistance and looking for support to increase their capabilities. Our local manager pointed them in our direction for a request. The OkCity Crisis Nursery mission states: “WeContinue reading “OkCity Crisis Nursery”

LRB Family Support

LRB Family Support is located in Hazelwood, MO LRB Family Support is a new organization in St.Louis, MO working to help feed children and create healthy eating habits for those in need. Their mission states: “Our program is focused on children, health, human services, supporting young people, and healthy eating habits for children and homelessness..”Continue reading “LRB Family Support”


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