Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas

The Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas is located in Jonesboro, AR

The mission of the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas provides hunger relief to people in need by raising awareness, securing resources, and distributing food through a network of non-profit agencies and program. Since 1983 the Food Bank has distributed 66 million pounds of food throughout Northeast Arkansas. The Food Bank’s Core Food Distribution Program accepts donated bulk food, that would otherwise be destroyed, from local and national manufacturers, retailers and growers. This food is then stored and efficiently redistributed to charitable agencies that rely upon the Food Bank to provide nutritious food for their communities.

Great Expectations Foundation rewarded them with a $1000 grant to support their summer food pantry program! They work to provide nutritious, easy to prepare, child friendly food items for children at risk fo hunger to take home on weekends and school holiday when other resources are not available. The program director was so excited out our involvement last year they reached back out and sent a picture of one of their most recent drives. They are going above and beyond to support the local community and school system in an extreme time of need and their mission aligns with that of Great Expectations Foundation.

If you would like to learn more about Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas please visit their website HERE.

Grant Amount: $1000

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