Friends of Madison County Child Advocacy Center

The Friends of Madison County Child Advocacy Center is located in Wood River, IL The mission of the Madison County Child Advocacy Center is to provide a professional and child-friendly environment to assist in the investigation of allegations of child abuse, provide access to services and treatment for victims and their families and raise awarenessContinue reading “Friends of Madison County Child Advocacy Center”

Riverview School

Riverview School is located in Henderson, KY “Riverview School has been operating in Henderson, Kentucky since September 1953. It has operated continuously since that time through the efforts of volunteers and support from the community. Riverview provides educational programs, respite care, and emotional support for preschool children having special needs and their families. The ultimateContinue reading “Riverview School”

Charity Week 2021 Recap

Our charity week was held in July of 2021 and we donated $35,000 to 15 organizations. In July of 2021 Rent One and RNR Tire Express worked hard to seek out organizations representing our 100+ Locations across 8 states. We were seeking opportunities to support small organizations that focused on children’s needs in our area.Continue reading “Charity Week 2021 Recap”

The Henry Wrinkles Foundation

The Henry Wrinkles Foundation is located in Paragould, AR The mission of the The Henry Wrinkles foundation states, “Through the mergence of nature and nurture we help all living creatures find their meaning, and help them develop the skills necessary to achieve this goal.” The farm currently houses 16 certified horses and 13 certified dogsContinue reading “The Henry Wrinkles Foundation”

Mount Vernon Township High School

Eli Badger Helping Hands Scholarship Mount Vernon Township High School is located in Mt.Vernon, IL Per Eli’s Family: “Elijah Ray Badger, 19, passed away June 11, 2020. He was a standout athlete in football and track and a Junior Olympian pole vaulter. Some of his achievements include: SIJHSAA State Pole Vault Champion, two time SouthContinue reading “Mount Vernon Township High School”

Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas

The Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas is located in Jonesboro, AR The mission of the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas provides hunger relief to people in need by raising awareness, securing resources, and distributing food through a network of non-profit agencies and program. Since 1983 the Food Bank has distributed 66 million pounds of foodContinue reading “Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas”

Holy Name Church Youth Group Henderson, KY

Holy Name Church Youth Group is located in Henderson, KY Holy Name Church Youth group brings youth in on Sundays for meals, activities, fellowship, and discernment. Youth from all religions come in share a meal, play games, get to know one another, and have fun in a faith based setting. In reaching out to GreatContinue reading “Holy Name Church Youth Group Henderson, KY”

Pathfinder, INC Jacksonville, Arkansas

Pathfinder, INC is located in Jacksonville, Arkansas Pathfinder, INC Mission: “A basic concept of Pathfinder is that all people, regardless of individual differences and intellectual abilities, have an inalienable right to programs and services which are consistent with their needs and helps them to achieve their maximum potential. Pathfinder, seeks to provide the best possibleContinue reading “Pathfinder, INC Jacksonville, Arkansas”

Illinois Baptist State Association Mt.Vernon, Illinois

Illinois Baptist State Association has multiple locations, we donated to the local Mt.Vernon, IL Chapter. The Illinois Baptist State Association in Mt. Vernon, IL has served over $2,000,000 in products from food to personal care items, and home needs to the entire Southern Illinois region. In addition they have a newly formed relationship with aContinue reading “Illinois Baptist State Association Mt.Vernon, Illinois”