The National Children’s Cancer Society

NCCS is located in St. Louis, MO The National Children’s Cancer Society believes when a family is facing the tragedy of childhood cancer, all they should focus on is getting their child well again. Families turn to NCCS for help navigating the daunting world of childhood cancer to help them get where they need toContinue reading “The National Children’s Cancer Society”

Oklahoma City Police Athletic League

OKC PAL is located in Oklahoma City, OK The Oklahoma City Police Athletic League provides leadership skills training, service opportunities, and athletic programs to students and schools involved in the program. Creating a safe place for kids to play and improving relationships between police officers and youth are only two of the great reasons whyContinue reading “Oklahoma City Police Athletic League”

Odell McCallum Community Center

Odell McCallum Community Center is located in Wynne, AR The Community Center creates a positive impact in the lives of inner-city youth through a host of outlets that include mentorship, drug education, tutoring, community service, and additional programs that foster discussion and socialization. Youth sports is another offering from the Odell McCallum Community Center. TheContinue reading “Odell McCallum Community Center”