Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital

Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital recipient is located in St. Louis, MO At SSM Health Cardinal Glennon, they care for children of all ages from St. Louis, Missouri, Illinois, and from around the world. Their focus is on the overall health of their communities in addition to the health of the children living in them. InspiredContinue reading “Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital”

Midtown STL

Midtown STL is located in St. Louis, MO The mission at Midtown STL is to provide a wholesome, peaceful center where individuals, families & especially children can be nurtured, supported, and build community together. Midtown offers people access to connections and resources for realizing their value and full potential. There are many goals at MidtownContinue reading “Midtown STL”

Almost Home

Almost Home is located in St. Louis, MO The mission at Almost Home is to empower young moms to become self-sufficient and create a better future for themselves and their children. And the vision is to end the cycle of poverty two¬†generations at a time. Young moms are truly successful when they have the internalContinue reading “Almost Home”

The National Children’s Cancer Society

NCCS is located in St. Louis, MO The National Children’s Cancer Society believes when a family is facing the tragedy of childhood cancer, all they should focus on is getting their child well again. Families turn to NCCS for help navigating the daunting world of childhood cancer to help them get where they need toContinue reading “The National Children’s Cancer Society”