The Henry Wrinkles Foundation

The Henry Wrinkles Foundation is located in Paragould, AR

The mission of the The Henry Wrinkles foundation states, “Through the mergence of nature and nurture we help all living creatures find their meaning, and help them develop the skills necessary to achieve this goal.” The farm currently houses 16 certified horses and 13 certified dogs that help over 134 kids in the community as well as supporting the animals. They have multiple volunteer staff from therapists, walkers and just farm hands that continue to make the program a success.

Great Expectations Foundation rewarded them with a $2718.00 grant to support their specific program Eagles Soar that works with their local Alternative Learning Environment program! The Henry Wrinkles Foundation works with two groups that come out the the farm every week, one group of 12 students and one group of 8 students. They work with the group as an incentive each week to visit the farm and continue their studies outside of the traditional classroom. Students often form bonds with the farm and continue to visit even after the program ends. Great Expectations covered the cost for one Eagle Soars student for the year to help continue this program in the local community. The ability to meet students in a different environment and encourage outside learning aligns with the mission of Great Expectations.

If you would like to learn more about The Henry Wrinkles Foundation please visit their website HERE.

Grant Amount: $2718.00

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