Kemmerer Village of Christian County

Kemmerer Village is located in Assumption, IL

In 1884, a dream was born! An area farmer, Philip Kemmerer sat down and wrote out his own will. He wrote that his 400-acre farm and assets were to be given to the Presbyterian Churches of Central Illinois to create a home “for the orphans and friendless poor of all denominations.” And, thus, one man’s dream and vision were born.

The Mission of Kemmerer Village is to help the Presbyterian Church fulfill its responsibility to minister to children and families who face stress and turmoil in their lives. Kemmerer Village carries out this mission through its direct services to individual families; and by assisting individuals to advocate for the needs and rights of children and families in their community.

Great Expectations Foundation rewarded them with a $2,000 grant to help continue the learning and growth of the youth through teaching and pet therapy. Their community goals align with that of the Great Expectations Foundation.

If you would like to learn more about Kemmerer Village, please visit HERE.

Grant Amount: $2,000

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