We Are The 22

We Are The 22 is located in Little Rock, AR

Our Veteran Suicide Response teams are trained in ASIST and SafeTalk. Teams also receive in-house training, part of which includes material consulted by Dr. Irving Kuo, then Chief of CAVHS Mental Health Department. Not only that but we are currently poised to have 4 certified ASIST and SafeTalk Suicide Prevention Trainers in our ranks who will then gladly begin giving this training to our Communities. We are certifying our Responders in CPR, tourniquets, and Narcan use as well.

When we are notified of a Veteran in Crisis in the state of Arkansas our responders do the one thing that no one else does. We drop everything and actually go to that Veteran. We talk them down, and even take them to the VA ourselves because let’s face it, the reason we are so successful is there is no one better to send in to save a person who is in the worst moment of their lives, than someone who has been there, fought those battles,

Their community goals align with that of the Great Expectations Foundation.

Great Expectations Foundation rewarded them with a $2,500 grant to purchase body armor and trauma kits for new responders.

If you would like to learn more about We Are The 22, please visit HERE.

Grant Amount: $2,500

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