Charity Week 2021 Recap

Our charity week was held in July of 2021 and we donated $35,000 to 15 organizations.

In July of 2021 Rent One and RNR Tire Express worked hard to seek out organizations representing our 100+ Locations across 8 states. We were seeking opportunities to support small organizations that focused on children’s needs in our area. We were overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and dedication from these organizations that support the youth in our local areas. It is with pleasure we announce the recipients:

OKCity Crisis Nursery – $5,000 for General Support

Almost Home – $5,000 for General Support

Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas – $2,500 for General Support

NubAbility Athletics Foundation – $2,500 for General Support

City of Lincoln – DARE Program – $2,500 for General Support

Passion Outreach Center – $1,000 for General Support

Baptist Children’s Home and Family Center – $2,500 Angles Cove

First Indian Baptist of Moore – $2,000 Support for Indian Falls Creek Camp – training manual creation

City Care – $2,500 Whiz Kids, Wings for Kids

Trudy’s Kids Cafe – $1,000 General Support

NEA Clinic Charitable Foundation – $1,000 ShareHope Program

Lions Camp Crescendo – $3,000 Summer Camp Support

Oklahoma Police Athletic League – $2,500 Summer Camps

Guadalupe Project – $1,000 General Support

Vincennes Community School Corporation – Life Skills Classroom – Quiet Room, Lincoln High School

In addition to our grant initiative we also hosted a book drive in each of our location and estimate we have received over 2000 books that our communities can utilize at will for no cost.

Our final act was to do an act of kindness to a local first responder team where we had each store take lunch or supplies to those groups. We had amazing participation and estimate we reached over 150 first responder locations and around 750 actual first responders.

We look forward to our 2022 Charity week to continue the tradition and do it even better!

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