Riverview School

Riverview School is located in Henderson, KY

“Riverview School has been operating in Henderson, Kentucky since September 1953. It has operated continuously since that time through the efforts of volunteers and support from the community. Riverview provides educational programs, respite care, and emotional support for preschool children having special needs and their families. The ultimate goal is to lead children toward their own sense of self-worth and independence by preparing them for classes within the public school system with quality educational and rehabilitative services. Our Students come to Riverview through referrals, foster parent programs, and the court system. They suffer a broad range of physical or emotional problems, including kidney disease, schizophrenia, HIV, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, fetal alcohol syndrome, ADHD, visual impairment, and hearing problems as well as children who have suffered abuse or neglect. No child is turned away from Riverview School because of inability to pay.” – Loretta Riddle

Loretta reach out to Great Expectations for a $750.00 grant to help update their learning equipment, enhance their playground, and fund their Noah’s Ark activity. Great Expectations Foundation rewarded them with a $750 grant to support their initiatives! At Great Expectations we know the foundation of each child is strongly supported by their education and supporting a program directly related to children play, learning and activities is an honor.

If you would like to learn more about Riverview School please visit their website HERE.

Grant Amount: $750

riverview school

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