Illinois Baptist State Association Mt.Vernon, Illinois

Illinois Baptist State Association has multiple locations, we donated to the local Mt.Vernon, IL Chapter.

The Illinois Baptist State Association in Mt. Vernon, IL has served over $2,000,000 in products from food to personal care items, and home needs to the entire Southern Illinois region. In addition they have a newly formed relationship with a local grocery supplier who is providing quality meats and other high quality food products every Thursday. This provided a unique need: a walk in freezer to store food.

Gary Phillips reached out to Larry Carrico and Great Expectations Foundation to seek help. After discussion the foundation was happy to help the Illinois Baptist State Association with a $10,000 grant enabling them to purchase a walk in cooler to keep all the items cool as they prepare for distribution.

The local team has continued to serve all of the community – especially those with children for all home care needs and reaches 30% of all of Rent One and RNR Tire Express communities.

We believe the Illinois Baptist Association matches our values by providing an additional consistent source of food, home and personal need items to the Sothern Illinois community supporting families in any need they may have.

If you would like to learn more about the Illinois Baptist Association in Mt.Vernon, Illinois please contact Gary Phillips at

Grant Amount: $10,000

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